My name is Charlie Causey. I am in my late twenties and I am a full-time blogger who cannot stop talking about movies.

I love watching movies. But more than that, I also love to read about reviews on movies, I love to talk about the lives of movie celebrities, movie productions, movie visual effects, great movies, bad movies, low-budget movies, and many more aspects of movies and movie-making.

Another thing I am fond of are trailers. Whenever I hit the cinemas, I always make sure I do not miss the trailers aired before the start of the actual movie. I am easily swayed by the way a trailer is made, and I make sure to watch movies with trailers that truly captivated my interest.

I sometimes believe that trailers are more difficult to make than the movie itself, because it has to be well edited in a way that would truly entice the people to watch the movie, without even a slight chance of revealing or spoiling the whole show.

Read through my blogs and be entertained with my trailer reviews, movie reviews, and with all the information and opinion I will be expressing, that are all about movies.

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