Hoping That House Listings In Anniston Would Soon Include Those Used As Movie Locations

You know what’s an ultimate dream especially for movie fanatics like me?

It’s simple really – to own a house that has served as a set for a famous movie.

Would that not be just the greatest? Living in a house you know stars were in, owning a home your friends and family can see in a movie; It is just something that I wish I can achieve somewhere down the road.

There are already a lot of houses that plenty of movies have used for their location and such. Some they have broken to tidbits for action-packed scenes, while some remain intact and glorious.

Since there are already a lot of options out there, why am I still not getting grabbing the opportunity to own at least one of them?

Well, there are plenty of reasons for that. Firstly, I still am not that well-funded to be able to afford such houses. Of course, the value of these homes are through the roof, considering that stars have already left their DNAs somewhere in the place. But this does not mean that its an unattainable goal. Remember that if you desire for it, you can make it happen if you put your dedication to it, and that is exactly what I am doing. I am working wisely in order to become financially capable of owning one of these homes, someday.

The second reason is the fact that I want that house to be in Anniston. Currently, the house listings in Anniston provided by a good real estate friend of mine, still does not showcase any of these houses and as far as I know, there are not too plenty of these kinds of homes in Anniston just yet. However, I am not losing hope that someday, as more and more movies are produced by the industry, that a house in Anniston will be the center of it all and it would be up for auction. Hopefully when that happens, I would also already be financially capable of purchasing it.

My friend, the real estate agent, said that while it is important to have  a stable financial income, owning a home is not that difficult as long as you have an agent to guide and help you throughout the process. Good thing I have that checked, since I am pretty sure he will be a great help for when the time comes that I get the chance to buy a home.

As of now, I am contented to continue being the fan that I am. I will not lose sight of this goal and I will continue to work wisely in order to get it. I guess, the moral of this story is that  whatever it is you want to achieve, be it like my dream or another dream of your own, be confident that you will earn it, as long as you dedicate your will to it.

Here is a video of the movie locations for “Big Fish,” which had plenty of locations shot in Alabama, the state where Anniston is in.

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