How to Experience Time Travel

There is no otheClock_3555666r way to capture the concept of imagining the idea of what time travel is. However, as the experts say, it is the ability and the recognition to travel any time in the past or in the future. According to the experts, it makes sense because it turns out to be that all human beings have the ability to time travel. You can do any of time traveling adventures even though you are just sitting on your chairs, doing nothing. How can this be possible? You just have to imagine it. It’s all in your minds and hands whenever you want to time travel.

According to them, the future is always transformed and as the speak, every day the world changes and the only ones who can control it is the people who are thinking about it. They control what’s in their minds on what to think or what not to think. If they want to think about the past, they time travel to get their memories about it. If they want to see their future, they time travel and hope for what their future is. Everything people are doing right now is quickly moving into the past. It means that the people continue to move through time.

Ideas of Time Travel

2218360-time_tunnelFor centuries, the idea of time travel has long been present. However, when Albert Einstein told the world about his theory on the special relativity, he was able to lay the foundation for the theoretical possibility of doing time travel. As far as we know, no one has ever succeeded in doing this and no one was able to successfully demonstrate how to time travel, and also, no one has ever ruled the possibilities either.

We understand that time is running and moving and that time is found in everything and everywhere. We can define time through our body movements, our ages, the moving buildings, the running cars and the trees that grow. Although most of us are feeling the pressure of time, we are encouraged to move faster to work hard and deal with deadlines and make appointments. We need time to dictate how much time we have to work for it and to live with it.

This is the basic understanding of time. If we want to time travel in the past, we can do and simply control it over our minds. We are responsible in everything we do and we need time to control everything.

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