The Difficult World of A Movie Star

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Some people think that being an actor or an actress is an easy and fabulous job. They think that they do nothing but smile at cameras and make money out of faking tears and showing a pretty face, or by hiring doubles to make it look like they know how to dive, do tumbling skills, and whatever a movie requires them to do. I may not be an actor but I can sympathize to the fact that what they do, is not an easy job. Sure, they may make millions out of it and they may live a life of comfort and fame, but it is not always that way.

There are times that they put their lives in danger especially when they go for movies that are risky and dangerous. Another thing that most actors and actresses have to give up is their private lives. Once they rise to stardom, they almost become like public properties, where everybody thinks they have the right to know where their favorite actors and actresses are, what they are eating, what they are wearing, and so forth. To forego the pleasures of privacy is not an easy thing to do, especially when people then start to always have high hopes and expectations from you.

Another thing that these actors and actresses have to constantly struggle with is their appearance. Not only will their fans hate them if they don’t like their new haircut or their new tan, the directors and producers will also tend to lessen their exposure or whatnot. It is also amazing how actors that start on a film that take years to finish, are able to maintain their physique despite the time that has passed them doing the same film or series. For instance, if you portray an FBI agent in a series, you have to make sure that you look exactly the same in the first season of the show. In the show you might have only been showcased for 24 days, but in real life the filming could have taken months, and in those months, you have to ensure that you looked exactly the way you are from the start of the shoot to the end. This is especially difficult in terms of maintaining the slenderness of the body.

Some of them have to give up eating up “delicious food” in order to make sure that they only eat “healthy food.” Others have to go tot he extreme and make sure to have time to visit the gym, even when they are already exhausted from all the tapings and the TV shows and interviews.

Living their life is difficult, and we do not have to be movie stars just to know that. People should also learn to sympathize towards them. Instead, a lot more people are saying that movie stars should make that much efforts in making sure they are sexy, hunks, pretty, and handsome, because they are paid to do just that. however, guys, we should very much remember that celebrities are humans, too. And they too, deserve a happy life, not just a life full of judgement and hatred whenever they step out of the line for a second. This is probably the reason why some budding stars choose to leave this life before they could fully commit to it.

However, we all live this difficult life, right? It’s just a matter of giving respect for everyone, even movie stars. And of course, they too, should give respect to viewers, not just because they are famous, but because they are human. We, are all, humans.

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